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Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Mary's Church:

We sincerely welcome you to our Church and to our faith community. All of us belong to the Catholic ‘universal’ Church and you, in particular, can bring tremendous gifts to our Parish. If you are new to us, we invite you to join one of our many ministries. We have seen enormous growth in our community, which reminds us of both the opportunities and the challenges that face us in the future.

The founders of St. Mary's laid the groundwork for us. We must now continue to grow and flourish by way of giving our time, our talents, and our treasures. There is much to accomplish in the coming years, and it will require the dedication and generosity of all parishioners. In what way can you offer your time, talent and treasure for the honor and glory of Our Lord? We encourage you to set aside some time in your busy day to look through this Ministrys . We ask everyone to give this prayerful consideration.

 Christ asks all of us to help grow His church. Our growth is flourishing; however, it takes many volunteers to keep our momentum going. Once you begin to get involved in our church community you will find that you will make some wonderful new friends who share your Catholic beliefs and values.

Stewards of our Time …
Make Mass the top priority on Sunday
Spend time in prayer each day
Pray with family and loved ones

Stewards of our Talent …
Use our gifts to help build the kingdom
Remain active in our parish ministries
Remain open to new ministries
Teach our children to serve the Church

Stewards of our Treasure …
We are called to look at our giving as a response for the blessings God has given us
Make an intentional gift each week
Use offertory envelopes and online giving
Support the Catholic Faith Appeal

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Llevamos a cabo un curso bíblico para los recién bautizados en el espíritu, el consta de 6 niveles titulados: “Los primeros pasos 1 y 2”, “Creciendo en el Espíritu 3 y 4”, “Pueblo de Dios. Crecimiento 5 y 6”; los cuales llevaran al creyente a un nivel de crecimiento espiritual paulatino y permanente en el conocimiento de Dios y de su Santo Espíritu.  Nosotros como ministerio realizamos un retiro anualmente, con el fin de que el pueblo de Dios tenga un encuentro personal con Cristo. Participamos activamente en todas las fiestas y celebraciones de la comunidad de la Iglesia de Santa María. Nos reunimos todos los jueves en el salón No. 3 a las 7:00 pm. Tenemos cuidado y estudio bíblico los para niños que tengan a sus padres tomando el curso.
Religious Education Program in English for Holy Communion,
this ministry consists of all volunteers.  We strive to help facilitate those 2nd grade to high school to encounter and to know Jesus so they can receive the Holy Sacrament of Communion & Reconciliation while giving formation to the parents.  The English Program meets on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. all volunteer Catechist meet every 3rd Friday of the month to also stay focused and filled by our Blessed Lord.   We Seek to evoke a mature and life-long relationship with the person of Jesus Christ and the Church he founded.  It endeavors to develop this relationship with Christ through the promises and commandments contained in the Gospel message, as well as through prayer, the liturgy, sacraments, and service.  This effort is accomplished within the context of the parish community and the family.

Computer Clinic supporting The Building Fund
Four times a year, The Gray Haired Geek sets up shop in the Parish Office.  For a $20.00 donation, he can speed up your computer or, even better, wipe out everything and make it run better than when it was new!  Details: email [email protected]
Voces Para Cristo
1:00 pm Mass Choir in Spanish. We sing every Sunday except the 3rd Sunday of each month.
We practice on Thursdays 7:30pm and Sundays before mass at 11:00am in the “garage” at Church.
Anyone interested in singing in our choir is welcomed to join us.  For More information please contact our coordinators
Marian Choir- 10:30 am mass-Every Second Sunday of the Month. rehearsals are on Fridays(Living room) 7:30-9:00pm. All are Welcome !

He who sings,” said St. Augustine, “prays twice.” The holy Bishop of Hippo meant that singing adds to our praise and worship of God- that our voices are gifts, with which we can make music to the Lord. 

Ministerio de Evangelización Católica
Somos un Ministerio basado en la Fe de Dios, y que trata las necesidades, espirituales y emocionales de hombres, mujeres y sus familias. En la actualidad el Ministerio de Evangelización Católica lleva acabo su misión atreves de un Encuentro personal con Dios en las montanas.
VISION- Es un Ministerio para ayudar personas afectadas del alcoholismo, drogadicción, violencia domestica, depresión y llegar a sanarlas atreves del amor y la fe ECONTRADA EN JESUCRISTO.
MISION-La misión de el Ministerio de Evangelización Católica (MEC) Es el compartir el amor y el perdón transformador de Jesucristo para impactar los corazones y las vidas de hombres y mujeres que están pasando por momentos difíciles. Para convertirse en files seguidores de Cristo y sientan el amor y la gracia de Dios en sus vidas. El Ministerio de Evangelización Católica (MEC) somos un ministerio que cree en la Santísima Trinidad y de honor y vida a las enseñanzas de la biblia palabra inspirada para nuestra Fe y nuestras vidas.
The Children's Ministry
 services are on Sundays (except for the 3rd Sunday of the month due to children's mass) at the 10:30 mass during the homily. We have two groups of kids, one ages 5-8 and the other one 8-12.
The purpose of the ministry is to help children understand the gospel and the catholic faith with activities that capture their attention.


St Marys Youth Ministry Youth Ministry

We meet on the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Wednesday for Middle Schoolers 5:30-7pm in the Garage. We meet on the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Saturday for high schoolers 6:30 - 8pm in the Garage. The Bilingual Young Catholic Mass is every 4th Saturday 5pm Mass.

Ministry servers meetings are the 1st Wednesday and Saturday.

The Vision of St Marys Youth Ministry- is to be guided by the Holy Spirit and our Blessed Mother, that we might be enabled to love all teens, show them hospitality and compassion, allowing them to grow in wisdom and knowledge of our common faith and share the riches of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through ministry, discipleship and liturgical worship.

Our Mission Statement is: Love God. Love Others. Make Disciples. Lead teens closer to Christ.

Our success criteria are:

  1. When we see teens bringing their unchurched friends
  2. When we see teens at Mass and Programs
  3. When we see teens invested in ministry & Mission so that they can learn how to be the Church when they graduate High School


El ministerio Catolico de Provida trata de cumplir con el llamado a una vida vigoroza afirmando el valor de la vida humana desde la concepcion hasta la muerte natural. Especialmente en las areas de aborto, castidad, investigacion de celulas madres, clonacion humana, pena capital, suicidio asistido, y planeacion familiar natural. Tambien proveemos formacion espiritual e invitamos a participar en el llamado a la espiritualidad, cuidado y servicio, amor y entrega a los demas.

The Prolife Catholic ministries addresses our Church's call for "A Vigorous affirmation of the Value of Human Life" especially in the areas of Abortion, Chastity, Stem Cell Research & Human Cloning, Capital Punishment, Physician Assisted Suicide and Natural Family Planning. We also provide formation on the Gospel of Life, and strive to inspire our Catholic Community to participate in spiritual, care giving, educational and legislative efforts.

 Ministerio de La Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria

Es nuestro principal objetivo poder llevar la Buena Nueva de nuestro Senor Jesucristo a todos los hogares alrededor de nuestra parroquia. Estudiamos La Biblia para fortalecer nuestra Fe, amparados siempre en la enseñanza de nuestra iglesia Católica que es
"Columna y Fundamento de La Verdad" 1Tim 3, 15. Aprendemos a conocer y amar mas a nuestra Madre a través de Las Sagradas Escrituras. Realizamos ventas para recaudar fondos, con nuestras miradas siempre puestas en alimentar al que no tiene que comer.
Apoyamos a nuestra parroquia en todos los eventos anuales que en ella se organizan. Nuestro ministerio se encarga de organizar la celebración anual a La Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria, cada 7 de Diciembre, te invitamos ese día a cantarle a nuestra Madrecita y a compartir con nosotros un rico platillo después de la celebración de La Santa Misa. necesitamos de tu apoyo, nuestro ministerio necesita de mas brazos para llevar a cabo todos estos objetivos, TE INVITAMOS a formar parte de este ministerio.

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Parish Council / Concilio Pastoral

Jose Valdez     Paula Garcia           Alberto Cervantes                                                                       Vanessa Dingler     Salvador Herrera    Daniel Arellano


Finance Council / Concilio Financiero

Jim Kassar                                      Osbelia Lozano                                                                       Letty Haase                                    Renee Perry


Building Committee/Comité de construcción

Bob Stang       Chris Perez          Mauricio Ciudad-Real

Martin Martinez      Mark McGuthrie 

Jose Valdez     Salvador Herrera       


Director of Religious Ed/ directora de educacion religosa

Patty Ruiz 822-5670 ext. 103                                                                                                 E-Mail:[email protected]


Youth Confirmation/Confirmación para Jovenes                             

Jesus U. Sanchez E-Mail: [email protected]


Religious Education

Eng-Coordinator-Lucy Ventura E-Mail: [email protected]

Sp-Cordinadora-Maribel Robles

E-Mail: [email protected]


 Children Ministry-

Coordinator: Laura Martinez 909-641-7336

Sub coordinator: Maria Jacob 909-731-8703


  2. Lifeteen HS Coordinator-Danielle Recio (909) 587-7763
  3. Sub-Coordinator- Andrea Mendoza (909) 371-9105
  4. EDGE MS Coordinator-Diana Quezada-Romo(909) 414-8823
  5. Sub-Coordinator-Loren Recio (909) 641-9538
  6. Youth Ministry Coordinator-Sarah Dingler (909) 684-6555

Genesis Adolecentes                                                                    

Coordinadores- Marcos y Nadia Cardenas (909)900-8915                                                                               

Sub-Coordinador-Gilberto Paredes-(909)-527-9810


Altar Servers / Monaguillos

Sp.Coordinador- Sam Rodriguez-909-641-9230

Sp. Sub-Coordinador Cinthia Alvarez-909-753-5164

Eng. Coordinator- Loren Recio (909)641-9538

Eng. Sub-coordinator (323)365-2646



Maria Rojas (909) 561-6159


Choirs / Coros


Cathy Ekaitis-Eng mass & Children's Choir  (909) 875-1054

Manuel Oyevides—8:00 am Mass 951) 203-6546

Marian Choir ( 2nd Sunday of the month)  [email protected]      

Francisco Hernandez—1:00 pm    (909) 714-0939

Jesus Marin-5:00 pm                       (909) 251-8363

Francis Ka –English                           (872) 222-7737

Diego Gamboa –Parusia 5 pm      (909) 600-3037

Roxana Rodriguez- Niños –1pm      (909) 681-6634


Hospitality / Ujieres


Coordinador:  EDUARDO RUIZ(951) 732-5687

Sub-coordinadora: ESMERALDA RUIZ  (951) 261-1621


Coordinator-Jose Carreto (909)251-9768

Sub– Corrdinator Martha Martinez(909)232-3140


 Events Coodinator 

Paula Garcia (909) 578-2080


COMPUTER CLINIC Joe Ekaitis  E– Mail: [email protected]


Misioneros Amor y Fe-

Coordinador-Roberto Aguirre-(818)-425-9251

Sub– Coordinadora-Yolanda Hernandez-(909)-609-6435


Evangelization  Catolica

Coordinador-Jamie Barahona (909)706-2766

Sub-Coordinador– Modesto Mejia (909)222-2024


Filipino Ministry

Coordinator-Eduardo Lennon (909)-706-9141



Lectors / Lectores

Coordinator-Daniel Arrellano-(909)-609-6244

Sun-coordinator-Allison Kassar-(909)-644-6568

Coordinadora—Martha Chavez-(909)-877-0835

Sub coordinator– Arturo Gonzalez– (909)-827-6767



Coordinator—Andrew Haase -(951)-491-3140

Sub-Coordinator-Robert Gonzalez -(909)-275-1897

Coordinadora-Vanessa Dingler-(909)-632-8747

Sub-coordinador-fernando bravo-(909)-260-3716


Ministry Altar Society

Joel Toldedo (909)-684-4327

Lauro Toledo –(909)-714-7529



Blanca Villalobos -Coordinadora(909) 697-7375

Delia Fierros -Sub-Coordinadora (909)782-0802   827-6767



Coordinadora– Edi Mendoza (909)-775-3988

Sub Coordinator– Angel Martinez(909)232-4388


Estudio Y Difusion

Coordinadora-Silvia Madrigal (909) 434-3990

Sub-coordinador -Miguel Solorio (909) 684-3779


Grupo de Matrimonios

Coordinadores-Rosalba y Javier Borja(909)251-1299

Sub-Coordinadores-Gabriela y Eduardo Millan (909)244-8291


Pan de Vida

Coordinador-Raul Maravilla-(909)-678-9973

Sub-coordinadora-Margarita Bonilla-(909)-440-0150


Pro Life

Coordinatora-Sandra Preciado-(909)-218-9221

Sub-coordinador- Susana Moraes-(909)-975-9005


Grupo del Rosario

Angelina Maldonado– (909)-854-5538


Duelo/Pastoral Care

 Sam Rodriguez(909)641-9230

Gabby Rodriguez (909)641-9902

 Gupo de apoyo/ Grief  support group

Ernesto Ruvalcalba (714) 399-6002

Guillermina Gonzalez (818)429-8679


Grupo de Oracion

Coordinador -Adrian Lomeli-(909)615-7766

Sub-coordinador-Gonzalo Barrera-(951) 6623752


Knight of Columbus

Grand Knight-Trant Stillman- (909)782-0048

Debety GK– Julian Ochoa-(951) 529-1561


Deacon Carlos Morales (909) 831-8089


Devotions /Devociones


Divine Mercy

Mar Alvarez (909)452-7267

Lour Albao (909) 800-5620


La Sangre Preciosa Sangre De Jesucristo

Yolanda Cacua (909) 350-0129

Veronica Pristo (909) 490-2552


La Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria

Edgard Jerez (Coordinador) 951-616-9505

Veronica Vasquez (Sub-Coordinadora) 909-240-7732