Columban Centennial Youth Mission Exposure 2018 Korea

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2018 Columban Centennial Youth Mission Exposure in Korea


  • Objectives and Expectations:
    • The 2012 General Assembly named ‘Invitation to Mission’ as one of its Society priorities offering people various short term opportunities to recognize the Columban tradition/experience and engage them in mission.
    • This program can last 2 weeks – it is a mission experience which emphasizes historical significance, individuals, locations and moments of importance within the Society in a particular RMU. It can be a pilgrimage to experience Columban mission in various cultures.
    • The 2018 CCYME (2018 Columban Centennial Youth’s Mission Exposure in Korea) is new. We wish to create opportunities for young people from the various cultures of the Columban world to participate in mission exposure together. They will engage not only with the Korean experience of Columban Mission, but being from different cultural backgrounds they are also invited to interact together. We see this aspect of the programme as being very important.
    • In order to give the young people who come to another country an effective experience, the sending country could have their own preparation for the invited young persons.
    • The Korean regional SIM contact person, with the cooperation of other regional SIM contact persons and Arturo from the GC, is organizing the program as a Columban centenary event in Korea.
    • Young people are able to learn experientially to grow in faith – it is not just intended as a trip to do voluntary service.
    • Youths from various countries will have experience of intercultural living, sharing information and communicating with each other.
    • They will be able to realize the importance of inter-religious and inter-cultural living.
    • They will experience mission through justice and peace activities.
    • They will get to know Columban Mission. Columban mission is not only an activity carried out within the Church such as the Eucharist celebration but is also activity in solidarity with the people in the society. Having an interest in ecology protection, justice and peace through visiting a poor area in the city, and meeting people.
    • Participants will grow in awareness and understanding of global solidarity.


  • Period of the Program
    • The program will be held from July 3 to July 17 in 2018, 15 days. Participants will arrive in Seoul at latest on Monday July 2. There will be a welcome meal at the Columban Centre House. The Programme begins the following morning Tuesday. It will conclude Tuesday July 17th.


  • Target Audiences

About 30 people are expected to participate to the program.


  • 15 participants from the Korean Region –(this includes both young people and Staff)


  • 15 people from other RMUS
  • We are projecting about 3 people each from 5 RMUs to participate in the program. (Since we do not have applications yet it could well be 4 participants from 4 RMUS). There is flexibility about the number.
  • Each RMU to inform the Korean region before Feb 28, 2018 as to the number of participants in the program.


  • The age for the participants will be mainly over 18 years old and less than 35.
    • (The age range is following the Columban vocation guideline).
  • We are expecting the participants to be in good health physically and mentally.



  • Program expenses
  1. The Korean region will cover the total expenses in Korea during the program period (excluding the cost of the flight to and from Korea).
  2. Individuals are expected to cover their own air-travel expenses to to and from Korea. This will vary from country to country. It can be quite reasonable if participants avail of cheap flights.



  • Programme:

Participants will be introduced to Korea, the Korean Church and Columban Mission within that reality

Korea – A country that suffered oppression, colonization and division; a land of Diverse Religions;

Church –a vibrant Church that suffered persecution but became a force for change and Justice.

Columbans – Arrived in 1933 and have contributed through the years in diverse ways to Mission.



  • Content of the program
  • Introduction to Korean Culture, history and modern day society.
  • Korean Church – history, visiting key historical sites, the challenges today.
  • Columbans & their History; visit Columban sites; contribution of Columbans in Past and Today
  • Seeing the Church response to Social Issues eg housing, employment, homeless etc. Eg Mission Parishes, feeding Centres,
  • Meeting with Church persons struggling for Change in society; visiting key sites of Struggle. Special Focus on Peace Movement in light of tension around the Korean Peninsula. Pat Cunningham, the Columban JPIC Person will lead this part of the Programme.
  • Look at the Church’s Effort to nurture our ‘common home’, the different ecological initiatives taken in Korea – visiting the Columban project in Jeju island; Also a parish in rural Korea where a former associate is pastor




  • Experience Religious Dialogue, in particular dialogue with Buddhism and on a bigger scale Religion in Dialogue with Society. The IRD Coordinator, Eamon Adams will facilitate this part of the programme.
  • There will be free time for the group built into the programme.


  • Reflection in the program.
  • Group sharing is part of each section of the program. All the time the culturally diverse group will be reflecting on the challenge and invitation posed by the different experiences as well as the cultural interaction within the group. This will done in a faith context.


*** We are following our rule;

  1. A deepening of an individual’s faith through a cross-cultural encounter with another reality that reveals the face of God;
  2. A broader understanding of the concept of mission;
  3. A wider perspective of God’s mission as proclaimed a by the Church
  4. A commitment to JPIC and IRD as integral to living the Gospel;
  5. Avenues for active engagement with Columbans upon completion of program



  • Accommodation
    • Columban House in Korea, the LM house and the House of the Columban Sisters.
    • 3-4 days of homestay with a Korean family in Seoul
    • Homestay Family members also to participate in some of the program.
    • Opportunity to experience Korean customs,
    • Having opportunity to see Korean Catholic Christian faithful life.


As we get closer to the date a detailed schedule of the programme will be published together with  an information packet for each participant detailing what to expect weather-wise in Korea, what to prepare etc.


If you have any queries please contact either Joseph Kang Seung Won or Donal O’Keeffe.

(Kang Seung Won:  &  Donal OKeeffe: